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Our websites are not optimized for mobile devices because we believe that Earthlings are unable or unwilling to read and think critically on "user-end-stupid" Android/iOS cell phones. However, visiting us with your laptop or PC can provide you with real productivity. Our software engineers develop Android/iOS apps on PCs, recognizing the insecurity of mobile OS and wireless networks.

The era of fragmented information breeds zombies. Don't just browse, research. Our aim is to enhance your life and work, not waste your time and resources, or make you dumber. Few will tell you the truth, but you're fortunate to have found us. Welcome to AlienPuppyHawaii.com

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05/07/2024: We are in the process of rewriting and upgrading the menus for various industries and DDE(AlienPuppy's Dual Deposit Escrow). The new menu will be unveiled within a week. The enhancement aims to provide our partners with additional insights on how to collaborate with us in the realms of A.I., blockchain, life sciences, aerospace and defense, public security, and to deliver functional online applications to global consumers.

AlienPuppyHawaii.com will not face permanent closure under any circumstances. However, it may be temporarily offline for reasons such as maintenance, but we aim to have it back online within 24 hours. In the event that this website is inaccessible, AlienPuppyChina.com serves as a backup option.

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