AlienPuppy FOR Ukraine + Russia + Belarus

Before the war, AlienPuppy and its Chinese partner companies had tremendous business cooperation with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. We helped the Ukrainian Civil Aviation Authority acquire full flight simulators for pilot training. We were indirectly involved in some commercial aircraft trading and leasing transactions with UIA, including a retired B767 program. We have very dear friends in both Ukraine and Russia. Our staffs toured Kamchatka with AlienPuppy's Ukrainian partners before the war. AlienPuppy has no enemies and no difficulties in these countries and never will have them.

Our understanding is that this world needs balance. Europe needs balance. Without balance, it would be as if New Zealand government criminals like Andrew Coster and Kris Faafoi (removed) believed they were born of God to commit crimes against international tourists and could do anything they wanted for personal gain and self-protection within New Zealand government criminal organizations if New Zealand government victims couldn't make these criminals "see" and "feel" the true side of New Zealand law and justice. The New Zealand public will teach them what the balance is worth. Collateral damages? Sometimes it can't be avoided entirely. No matter what, innocent civilians shouldn't be harmed in any country. God & the Aliens wouldn't let the "public servants" who abuse their power to hurt innocent civilians by any means go unpunished.

What could we say and what could we do:

We don't know anything about international politics. And we care about our customers, suppliers, partners, investors and their families MOST. Everyone must have their reasons to do something for their country. The complicated situation and scope is far beyond the imagination and capabilities of a small company like AlienPuppyTenders.

The dream of AlienPuppy for them:

Make love, No War.

What we do now with Ukraine, Russia and Belarus:

Stop bidding on military programs in those countries. Continue with all of them in the civilian fields. Send us your proposals if you want to join us. Yes, the same rules: DDE and $1,500 ~ $1 million per single contract value.

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Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.