Healthcare & Life Science

Health, our most valuable asset, is under constant attack. Even after a century of groundbreaking medical progress,most of the human body remains a mystery. We are still at the mercy of ever-evolving threats, from genetic diseases, cancers and pandemics. But in hospitals and laboratories of AlienPuppy partners' around the world, doctors and scientists are discovering new ways to targeting illnesses.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

Example Programs:

Genetic Engineering (Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Cancer )|

the Upgrade of More Accuracy of Crispr Cas9 Research Funding.

Artificial Brain Cells/STEM Cells | Tinnitus & Head Neuroscience : Specific FREQUENCY noise+BRAIN-Cheating Therapy to cure Tinnitus (Permanently healed) | Manufacturing & Distribution for: AlienPuppy®Brain Activity Inhibitor | AlienPuppy®Medical Device

  Improvement and Upgrade of Medications That Cause Joint Pain |  Chinese Medication Usage Upon Cancer Operation |

  Regenerative Medicine Solution for battlefield Hearing Loss (Hearing Cell Regeneration) |

Skin Disease Research & Cure Development. AlienPuppyMedicine® signs AlienDDE Contract® to confidently help you cure your skin disease |

  Charity Program in Tibet: Hiring ophthalmologists for Cataract operations in Tibet & Afghanistan |

 Swarm Nano Robot Deployment and Application in operations of nerve repair, blood vessel, and bone healing. AlienDDE Contract® |

iPS Cell Research | Ecosystem for Health Innovation | Clinical Trials | Investigator Initiated Research | AlienPuppy Ventures, Inc. |

Oncology | Rare Diseases | Neuroscience | Gastroenterology | Plasma-Derived Therapies | Vaccines

AlienPuppyLife ®Traditional Chinese Medicine & Physical Therapy Cure  Chronic Diseases |  AlienPuppyMinds® Mind Change Reality,

Taoist Meditation & Multi-Dimensional Chi Scientific Research |

The programs listed are operated independently by different companies and institutions. We fund these programs.

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