Criminal Organizations We Combat:

We are engaged in combatting criminal organizations. We possess substantial evidence to demonstrate that the individuals and entities listed below have either committed minor offenses or serious felonies. As a result, we have taken action, or will take action, either on our behalf or on behalf of the victims they have harmed, or in the interest of the general public. Before any accusations are made against us, let's first examine the crimes committed by these individuals and organizations. We will comply with directives from law enforcement agencies once they have initiated legal proceedings against those listed herein who fall under their jurisdiction.

With a robust global marketing and advertising network, our website attracts numerous visitors and supporters from across the globe(or the flat) every day. We reserve the right to publicize and prosecute individuals, including your superiors. We have established partnerships with various private military organizations, whose identities are widely recognized. To those mentioned on this list, we caution against forming alliances or larger criminal syndicates with the intent to harm us.

We have, or will, undertake military actions against select individuals or illegitimate governments outlined here. Further details regarding such actions will be disclosed in due course.

FYI: Kris Faafoi, a former New Zealand Minister of Justice, is among those listed as a criminal. Investigate the hardships he has faced and the repercussions we have brought upon him. You may inquire directly with him, his former employers in Auckland and Wellington, or contact Christopher Luxon for additional information. Technically, we believe we possess the capability to overthrow a medium-sized illegitimate government within 48 hours if deemed necessary by the public. Refer to AlienPuppy's online voting and polling system for verification. If the public mandates, we shall act accordingly.

We do not threaten law-abiding individuals, businesses, or legitimate government agencies of any nation. Our aim is solely to inform about factual occurrences and potential future events. We extend our apologies to those who may feel discomforted by our statements. Remember: 1. Not everyone shares the same moral rectitude as you. 2. Not all governments and their officials uphold the law with the same integrity as you. 3. We have no authority to engage in criminal activities or seek retribution against anything or anyone lawful, as mandated by our creator and our conscience.

1, Corrupt police officers and judges in New Zealand. The names of some corrupt officers can be found on our website.

2, Corrupt members of the Chinese Communist Party, both within and outside China. Refer to for some listed names.

3, Corrupt law enforcement officials in Germany. We intend to publish their names soon.

We hold deep regard for your nation, its people, and its communities. Our collaboration aims to generate value for your citizens, economy, and national interests. Therefore, we implore you to treat individuals fairly, foster an environment conducive to attracting global resources for the betterment of your people, and discern kindness from weakness.

Kindly inform us if we have erred or violated the rights of law-abiding citizens, or if we have threatened the national security of any country governed by legitimate authorities. We abide by local regulations and willingly cooperate with law enforcement agencies that operate justly for the public good. You may reach us via email at