Criminal organizations we fight:

We fight criminal organizations:

we have enough evidence to prove that the following individuals and organizations have committed either minor crimes or felonies. Therefore, we have fought back and/or will fight back, either for ourselves or for the victims they have created or for the public. Let's talk about the crimes they committed before you point out that we may have broken laws. We would follow the orders of law enforcement agencies after they have taken legal actions against the people on this blacklist who fall under the jurisdiction of those agencies.

We have a very strong global marketing and advertising network, and this website receives many visitors and supporters from all over the world every day. We could list your boss, your boss's boss on this website and prosecute him/her worldwide if you commit crimes. We have established a business relationship with several private military organizations that you have heard of. We encourage everyone on this list to join together to form an ally, a larger crime syndicate to kill us if they can. Think twice before you are willing to harm us.

we could, we will or we have already taken some military action against some individuals or unlawful governments listed here. Further details will be announced here shortly.

FYI: Kris Faafoi, an ex-minister of Justice of New Zealand. A criminal. You should investigate what he suffered and what kind of trouble we brought him and how we hunted him down ( still alive, but he's living a very miserable life now). who should you ask? himself, his former employers in Auckland and Wellington, or you can just call Christopher Luxon and ask him. everyone knows who he is, right? Technically, we believe we are capable of overthrowing a medium-sized illegal government within 48 hours if the public deems it necessary. Refer to AlienPuppy's online voting and polling system. If the public says yes, we will do it. ( in Chinese) (in English. an external voting service provider)

we do not threaten law-abiding individuals, businesses and law-abiding government agencies of any country. We are only informing about the facts and the possible events to come. So we apologize to those who have been made "uncomfortable" by our words. Don't forget: 1, not everyone in the world is as righteous as you; 2, not all governments and their employees are as righteous and lawful as you; 3, we have no right to commit crimes or revenge against "anything or anyone lawful". the human creator and our souls DO NOT allow us to do so.

1, Dirty cops & Judges in New Zealand. You can find some dirty cops' names on this website.

2, Dirty CCP members inside/outside China. Some names listed on

3, Dirty cops in Germany. We will list the names.

4, Chinese thieves in the U.S. . We will list the names and their locations in the U.S.

We love your country, your people, your community, we're able to create value for your people, your economy and your national interests. That is why we do business with you. Please treat people fairly, create a better environment to attract resources from around the world for your people, and don't confuse kindness with weakness.

Please let us know if we have done anything wrong, or broken any laws against law-abiding citizens, or threatened the national security of any country currently ruled by legitimate governments.We follow your local rules, and we cooperate and obey orders from law enforcement agencies that play fair to the public. Email us : law @ Alien Puppy