AlienPuppyHawaii's Investors & Investment

AlienPuppyHawaii's Investors & Investment

First and foremost, we extend our sincere apologies to our investors, shareholders, and all those who have placed their trust and funds in our care, including:

  • Various banks

  • Indirect investments from pension funds managed by international governments

  • Our local communities

  • Contractors in aerospace & defense, including airlift manufacturers and suppliers

Regrettably, our team of investors and asset managers fell victim to a physical kidnapping and robbery orchestrated by certain criminals associated with the New Zealand government. This incident occurred due to our oversight and inadequate assessment of the legal and social landscape in the New Zealand market. Our efforts to expand into the South Pacific market with hopes of achieving better returns on investment resulted in substantial losses for our investors and partners.

We deeply apologize to our Chinese(not the CCP), Japanese, and American investors who entrusted us with their financial well-being. The loss stemmed not from changes in the legal environment but from misinformation spread by the media, the unfavorable social conditions in New Zealand, and the corruption rampant within the New Zealand government. These crimes were committed under the guise of national governance without the knowledge or consent of the New Zealand public or parliament.

Despite these challenges, we have endeavored to mitigate our investors' losses and express gratitude to our supporters and the governments of various nations for their understanding and assistance. We are committed to taking decisive action against those responsible for jeopardizing our investors' interests and violating national security protocols. Our military operations in New Zealand aim to protect our investors' assets from further harm and uphold justice.

AlienPuppyHawaii values the trust and investment of our stakeholders above all else. We recognize that safeguarding these relationships is crucial to building a brighter future for generations to come.