R&D and Project Management:

We are doing:

1: research linked to carbon 60, longevity, blockchain, coding and banking, encryption

2: radio/cell tower research. Nuclear energy & anti-chain-reaction technology research: the idea of "chain reaction" when nucleus releases energy to cause other nucleus to pop is a bit speculative, because energy has to dissipate for each collision this is called "conservation of energy and equal and opposite reaction". When energy is released, it hits something, and it receives equal energy to lose its momentum. So the whole ideology of nuclear bombs is based on a very "shoddy" atomic theory.

3: track targets(criminal suspect) with A.I. and various methods of analysis; Self-training artificial intelligence without reliance on external big data imports and/or algorithms.

4: do materials research in chemistry using A.I. Our understanding of physics is a better model for predicting, that's, A.I. chemical prediction models.

Use A.I. to recreate the periodic table based on geometry of the elements under "the assumption" there is even smaller particles. Use A.I. for the AlienPuppy model of chemistry, to understand how elements can interact, to help design new materials.

5: build scientific solutions on wayback machine learning (dating back decades and fully uncensored, open sourced A.I. models).

6: prediction for war. It is complex and multifaceted because it ignores the financiers of war and the potential for change of allegiance.

We are keenly interested in:

compartmentalization (Psychology) | Astral projection |

Science is simply the pursuit of truth, and that's just what we are good at. We have standard laboratories in anonymous locations. We have an underground facility, and are trying to acquire a private island. As long as the personnel and logistics is available we could do some incredible research.

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Success isn't always proportional to size. Lockheed Martin Builds Planes That Can't Fly!! https://youtu.be/J7purBi0ORk

Consider subcontracting certain jobs to us for potentially greater returns. Give us a chance to prove ourselves. Before proceeding, we would undertake preliminary tests assigned by you to showcase our R&D capabilities. In the event that the delivered results fail to meet your satisfaction, we are prepared to compensate for any losses incurred.