Where They Hide:

The CCP individuals ( and their families) responsible for embezzling trillions of dollars from the public in China often seek refuge in various global locations, including London, California (such as in Rowland Heights, Arcadia), Vancouver, BC, Seattle, Texas, Hawaii, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tokyo, New Zealand, New York, and other undisclosed destinations.

Some of them may be under the protection of armed security personnel, we engage in collaborations with private military organizations, professional bounty hunting teams, local law enforcement agencies, national security intelligence and federal agencies. These collaborations involve coordinated actions, with technical support provided by our team, to ensure effective enforcement measures are taken.

To identify individuals or families suspected of being associated with the corrupt CCP, follow these steps:

Gather Evidence: If you are certain that individuals or families are from China and their extravagant lifestyle seems suspicious, collect evidence such as pictures, audio recordings, and videos.

Report to CCP Bounty Hunters: Submit your evidence to us for review. We will scrutinize the materials using our military-grade A.I. system and verify the information with our sources in China.

Receive Confirmation: If our analysis confirms the suspicions, we will provide you with a positive response.

Contact Local Authorities: With our confirmation, report the findings to your local FBI office, if you live in the U.S.. Alternatively, you can discuss further operations with us for coordinated action.

If you ever face threats or harm, do not hesitate to report the situation to the FBI immediately. Alternatively, we will dispatch fully armed teams to ensure your safety and handle the situation effectively. Lastly, don't forget the reward you rightfully deserve for your valuable assistance.

By following these steps, you can help identify individuals associated with the CCP and contribute to efforts to hold them accountable for their actions.

Intelligence collection, data filtering, and analysis remain pivotal in law enforcement and our missions. Supporting local government, private outdoor-working field agents, and the public eye is as vital as data gathered online. We emphasize the imperative to safeguard all 1.4 billion Chinese and their souls, including those associated with Falun Gong (https://www.upholdjustice.org/), who fell victim to live organ harvesting by the CCP. ( Fuck! Shit! Jesus! That's awful. That's a world of Hell! Unfortunately, the hell is real in China.) Our targets are the families of the evil CCP members within your community. Though they may appear innocent and educated upper-class, they are actively involved in criminal activities such as money laundering, state theft, public scams, human rights violations, murder, and much more beyond your imagination. These individuals divert trillions of dollars of public funds abroad, contributing to widespread corruption and injustice. In the eyes of the CCP, we are not viewed as humans but rather as ants. This is not an exaggerated expression; it reflects the reality experienced by many Chinese people, a stark truth unfolding on Earth in the 21st century. There are indeed numerous real examples to validate this assertion. For those outside the Chinese language world, it's crucial to acknowledge that many truths have been concealed and expunged. There's a significant likelihood that a single CCP family residing in your community has pilfered billions, not mere millions, from the Chinese public wealth. This reality might hit close to home, as even executives of entities like China Life Insurance Inc. could be implicated. That's how it is in China. Take China Life Insurance Inc. for example, billions of dollars of public money disappeared within 2 to 3 years, nobody said anything, nobody did anything, nobody in the public dared to question anything. You question them, you get disappeared. This is China and the fucking CCP. That's one reason why the Chinese people need your help, whoever you are.

Collaboration in this endeavor is essential, aligning with our shared responsibilities as stewards of humanity. This is the will of the human creator. It's what he/she expects you to do with us.

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let us know what you would do with us for 1.4 billion Chinese and how much you expect to be paid by the Chinese public.