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The letters from the Chinese. From China, With FEAR & WRATH!


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The evil CCP have stolen billions of dollars from the hard-working, innocent Chinese people. You can find a lot of negative information about China Life Insurance Inc. and their executives (all are members of the CCP) and chairmen (CCP), both on international government sites, such as the SEC, and on private investigator websites. Their families have fled to the western world with billions of dollars stolen from the innocent Chinese people. Helping us is not only for your community, but also for strangers, several billion human strangers in this world. All of humanity is suffering. We need you to give us your power to end the suffering of our people. We need private "military" & "gang" support from you to take law enforcement actions against national thieves, scammers and their guilty families hidden in the western world, in Land, Sea, Air, Space & Cyberspace. We also need the intelligence from you, to spot them. FOR 1.4 BILLION CHINESE PEOPLE. You know what you should do in the street,so as to get a big award, become physically healthy and financially rich when our guys are being "touched" by evil CCP members in China. We regularly update the latest news on our website.

A reward of 15 million dollars for information on the C C P members of China, and/or their families, financial networks in your countries.

We Do A.I. , Blockchain , Life Science , Anti-Corr uption , Aerospace and more. We cure cancer,we develop stem cell therapy,We defend your country, and We read our Universe;

You are not only working for your community, you are working to help strangers, several billion human strangers in this world. All of humanity is suffering. We need you to give us your power to end the suffering of our people, and to take corrupt and evil CCP members down.

Business is business. In return,we can enhance your intelligence capabilities at work with our technologies. We research life science ( human cell enhancement for soldiers. We can cure YOUR cancer, we can extend YOUR lifespan, we do stem cell therapy and others), blockchain and AI. We have online marketing capabilities that can help YOU reach 1 million+ new audiences EVERY DAY. So we can help you. Working with us in these fields, with your investment, your brain, your experience or your "power" could bring you something "more powerful", "unbelievable", "rich" , and " huge". THEY/WE have "underground" R&D bases in Continental America and Europe. Ask us any questions and meet our representatives in person.

WE HIRE online. We don't care who you are, where you come from. we only care how successful our business will be and how much we can do for you and your loved ones. Yes, it's the human and responsible things that count.Want to do what you love and get paid for it? JOIN US, no matter what you'd LOVE to do WITH us. Are you addicted to challenges and difficult topics at work as you play chess with artificial intelligence? We've just built a chessboard for you.

the shorter the message, the more necessary it is for you to know. Your email service providers filter data, and remove what you really need and then tell you that black is white. The easier it is for you to get information, the less valuable (or even worthless, a waste of time) it is to you. Read us and let us know what we can do together and how we can do it. We research, We invest, We risk, We manage, We hire, We collaborate and We share.

https://AlienPuppyHawaii.com/letter for details.

Spming couldn't make us the power to protect the public ( in both China and your country) and make YOU rich, but partnering with you will.

One way email sent by the people and for the people. DON'T reply.


We Do A.I. , Blockchain, Life Science, Anti Corruption and more

A reward of 15 million dollars for the info on the China's CCP members, their families and financial networks in your countries.

Actually, this is not a junk or spam. We believe that this email can bring you something positive. We intentionally only send it to you once every 1,000 earth years. So you don't need to unsubscribe, because there is no subscription that you have previously completed. Our missions on planet Earth are counting on you. We thank you for your support.

Got suspicious neighborhoods from China? BINGO! A reward of 15 million+ dollars for the data on dirty CCP members, corrupt china company executives, including but not limited to those related to China life insurance inc. If you tolerate their existence around you today, for whatever reason, tomorrow a lot of them could destroy your community, even your country in all kinds of different ways. Dirty CCP members who come with dirty assets will not bring prosperity to your communities, otherwise you would be living with "neighborhood drug dealers". They cheat, steal and rob for almost everything, especially monetary assets and properties of the hard working Chinese people. Most likely all the CCPs you see around are the inhumane criminals, no matter how hearty they pretend to be among all of you. They are amateurish, but deadly enough for a billion innocent and helpless Chinese people. DO NOT do any business with them! We have minimized our business existencein China. Have relevant info? SEND US A TIP!

What if we could cure cancer for your loved ones, what if we could extend your lifespan to 500 years? what if we are at the service of those who serve for your country, not just with might, but with mines. what if we could do something for you that most humans can't? and what if we have a security deposit in cryptocurrency so we could keep our promises and honor our contracts with you? What if... JOIN US.

You don't have to be a company, a Fortune 500 or a Seal Team 6 member, Wagner soldier . Of course we wish you were! You can read, write, speak and use computers, you can give us your support in exchange for a lifetime of benefits. This is teamwork for righteous people whose brains haven't been washed yet.

Hey, this is not junk email, we'd love to get to know you, and we care about you, so you get this. Just once. and then let us stay in touch spiritually, without going through electron flow! May the human creator, also the inventor of our universe, richly bless you all. Message us: missionahead@AlienPuppyChina.com . visit us at: AlienPuppyHawaii.com . Stop by and ask us any questions. We are not your average puppies!(not your all talk puppies either). Keep reading, your dishes SERVED behind the Chinese writings. Sit tight, simply scroll down this page, for 1.5-2.5 seconds, and you will be there, mindfully reaching the 11th dimension we created for you. You are welcome. Just ask us any questions about our business & research fields, make sure the answers to which cannot be found on the Internet. Simply discover what we know but you don't. We do scientific research and operate business outside China and beyond the Great Wall. What is our business? You don't read, you won't get.

https://youtu.be/1Ta3sRHRUVk?list=TLGGTtKzrkTHvdEyNzEyMjAyMw She's cute,right? She's with us. https://youtu.be/FdR-ZmdFOcg Dr.James Tour is cool, isn't he? We stand with him. Who are we? We could be the ones speaking for you with the Creator of human beings. We don't call him " the God", though. Interested? Digest us in front of a PC screen.

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We speak in English on the website Alien Puppy China . com , an Alien Puppy Hawaii com company. Visit: AlienPuppyChina. com/en We research, We invest, We risk, We manage, We hire, We collaborate and We share.

Our several hundred million target audiences are rich humans, decision makers and leaders in various industries and administrations. We train AI with AI. we "impress" our customers, readers and global partners precisely. We possess "alien" technologies, we have money, we have DDE deposits, we are more reputable than corrupt companies, such as China Life Insurance Inc., a social responsible fortune 500, as the CCP told us, lol. we have partners and we have you. We could be an ideal partner for you to bring your ideas, your hypotheses, your rules, your policies, your products and your services to those you care about, those you pay more attention to on planet earth! Why? because lots of people read us every day. What or who brings you here? Questions? JUST ASK!

We invest in aerospace & defense, life science & Medicare, agriculture & animal husbandry, in Scandinavia, 3 Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, & Australia. Most importantly, We invest in YOU.

AlienPuppyChina.com is a Chinese website that operates in the following areas:

1, anti-corruption against state-owned enterprises of China, such as China Life Insurance Company. This is a profitable evergreen business, especially in China. Don't believe us? Ask Blackstone.

Debt Collection / Data Analysis / Crime Prediction / Targeting, Bounty Hunting / Info Bulletin Board / International Cooperation

2, Providing blockchain & A.I. filtered big data technologies and related applications to the public to play a better role in serving the Chinese people ( and your fellows).

Unbreakable Voting/Rating System / Digital CNY / DDE(Dual Deposit Escrow) for Banks and Retail Customers, similar like http://bitbay.market / Government Administrative Support / decentralized communication/more

We are going to launch the blockchain-based DDE and voting system for a billion Chinese people to use, to eliminate scam, and to pursue democracy and social fairness nationwide. This is a huge and profitable business. Want to join us?

3, Help for working-class, the most "average" Chinese families to invest abroad

We are targeting a business volume of 10 billion dollars and are always on the lookout for global partners, investors, fast-growing companies (startups), employees, suppliers, customers, followers and supporters around the world.

We are Alien Puppy China . com, a company of Alien Puppy Hawaii . com. We are not the CCP. We are politically neutral and abide by the local laws in each country. We fight against anyone who unlawfully deprives our/our partners of their legal rights. This is an imperfect world, also a time of brainwashing. Many government officials and business operators you think are lawful are unlawful. Be yourself!

A prestigious name means nothing these days. Trading with blockchain DDE (Dual Deposit Escrow) with anyone, any company means everything. Your working skills, your competitive products and services (AND YOUR SPIRIT AND SOUL!!)matter.

About Alien Puppy Hawaii . com

Alien Puppy Hawaii . com is a small sourcing company and is seeking equal partnerships for global suppliers and contractors in these countries, both corporate and individual, directly or indirectly seeking successful technology development, marketing and distribution in or for the business areas listed below:

• Aerospace & Defense

• Air Transport Service

• Entertainment & Recreation

• Healthcare & Life Science

• Education & Research

• Public Security

• Make the New Zealand Police and Judges CLEAN

• Business/bid Management

The following is the English translation from Google Translate. We got no time to check, edit and proofread it. The original article is in Chinese on http://AlienPuppy China.com/bigscience . Try GPT, if you want. It sucks, we know it!! Because sometimes it doesn't understand context or the code structure or the intentions or misunderstands context or we have better solutions. but sure it helps. GPT ( of Hammer Industries) is not allowed to support any controversial ideas. No wonder, deep learning works, taught by Justin Hammer!


Google Translate’s SHOW TIME:

Please support the basic and applied scientific research we (Alien Puppy Hawaii . com) conduct:

alien pupp ychi na . com / big science Go ogle Translate, DIY

About Us: alien puppy china. com/en

Field: Life Sciences: Main Direction: Cure STAGE 4 all types of cancer; stem cell therapy, genetic engineering, biological cytology applications, others. Accelerate research results through the latest A.I. technology. Our partners, researchers, and supporters work with us to enjoy scientific research results that are absolutely leading the world and this era.

Earth science/cosmic science: establishment and prediction of various models of atmosphere and ocean flow; solar radiation effects; quantum effects; scientific confirmation and falsification of some "conspiracy theories"; others. Our partners, researchers, and supporters receive priority access to Absolute Strategy information.

Why support our scientific research: Because our own scientific team has gradually discovered that the content in existing textbooks, ranging from elementary school to doctoral research, contains a lot of inaccurate, even completely wrong, and impossible theoretical information.

The significance of basic scientific research: The significance is not "extremely big", such as organ regeneration, what immortality means to you, the position of the earth in the universe, whether there is God, and if you can one day talk to God, this science fiction type is "tiny" significance". Another "meaning" is that one day you truly understand how the world works, and you will never be deceived by anyone, any organization, or any government again. This is also an important step for you to find your true soul, your free spirit. Maybe you can be among the few who survive the next worldwide “plague.” So the meaning is not "particularly big".

Our basic science research is led by non-Chinese scientists at Alien Puppy Hawaii . com. We think of them as a very small number of scientific elites on earth or in the universe. Our country also has such talents. If the country wants to strengthen investment and talent training in this area, it must compete with these non-Chinese scientists. Until we can see that China's social equality, legal system, civil servants, and manager corruption levels are close to international mainstream national standards, we will not do basic research in China and will not bring the world's "top secrets" to Chinese society, because It will be tainted, stolen, and cheated by ZHA to use LAN (power) to infringe on ordinary Chinese families and usurp the resources of the hard-working and kind-hearted people, including hard-working scientific researchers. Just take a look at the TAN and ZHA organizations that defraud money: China Life, Evergrande, and some local governments to understand China’s social environment.



Much of the following information you cannot find anywhere, including online. We are original. Visit: Alien Puppy Hawaii . com for more information.

1. Our life science team believes that DNA is not a double helix, but it does resemble the left and right hands and eyes (the double helix also has the same properties). No one on Earth has ever seen a virus. No virus has ever been seen with an electron microscope, and there is a 99% probability that viruses, or things called viruses, do not exist on the earth. The current theory on viruses is that they are inanimate strands of "DNA" inside a bacteriophage, which, like a dead cell, "enter" your cell, causing it to turn "bad" (infect). But inanimate objects don't behave like this. The first things called "viruses" may actually be bacteria smaller than cells. But the vast majority of bacteria are beneficial to humans. Of course, there are also things like sepsis, staphylococcus, meningitis, and yeast infections. These are all bacterial infections, but the relative proportion is not high, far lower than the so-called "viral infections." So "cells become infected" due to other reasons, such as poisoning (it may also be contagious because people share water, air, food, breathing, etc.), injury, aging, etc. With the current technology of mankind, any microscopic magnification to the extent that the virus can be seen (even if it is distinguished), the entire observed object and its surroundings will be burned, just like looking at ants with a magnifying glass in the sun. People who say that viruses infect cells or affect human health have never done scientific "negative control experiments" on the viruses they are talking about. All the so-called virus photos you have seen in the media are either fake or fake. Part of the dead cell is mistaken for a virus.

2. We do not deny self-evolution. Just like Alzheimer's patients should play more SUDOKU to exercise their brains, it is effective. We believe that life and consciousness are created by a "creator", rather than produced by physics and chemistry as masters like Carl Sagan and Nicholas Humphrey say. We believe that human feelings cannot be realized by any physical or chemical methods, and the most primitive foundation is not derived from evolution. Physics, chemistry, and biology cannot explain why each person is unique. They couldn't explain many things: like why his consciousness was his and not someone else's. Our body systems are designed to be extremely complex, precise and perfect. For example, it is more difficult to choose between stem cells for healing organ wounds and cultivating organs in vitro through some artificial methods to regenerate organs. Of course, using organs cloned from autologous stem cells is a solution. For example, for major injuries such as gunshot wounds, time is tight and there is no time to use stem cell therapy to wait for the organ to be healed. But we believe that until we find this "creator", there will not be any artificial organs manufactured through biotechnology, such as 3D printing of biological tissue, or cloned organs that can be as perfect as our own organs. And until now, mankind's understanding of the genome is basically zero, even though a lot of genetic information has been stored through various genome projects. Therefore, the current best option for emergency severe trauma treatment is to first use transplantation, artificial/in vitro culture, or even mechanical metal organs (RoboCop type) to rescue patients. First, ensure the survival of the injured, and also ensure that the damage is done. The organ is not completely removed, the damaged organ is slowly restored through stem cell therapy, and the "foreign" organ is removed. But in the treatment of chronic diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, cranial neuropathy, etc., stem cell therapy is currently the most advanced and effective. We believe that even in this aspect, the current technology is not mature yet. Only a handful of people on earth have truly effective methods. Current stem cell therapy is somewhat difficult to cure many cancers, but it has positive effects. The BNCT method is not particularly efficient, but it is a method and counts as radiotherapy. Try to avoid chemotherapy (it has no scientific basis and will harm the immune system). The ultimate cause of cancer is metabolic disorders. We can make a great contribution to our VVVIP cancer patients with some kinds of shaking the cancer cells and some other methods.

3. We believe that there is no distortion of space and time, and gravity is not the earth attracting (pulling) you, but the atmosphere (space) pushing you toward the ground. We on this site don't want to say what we think are the specific reasons. Of course there is no such thing as gravitational waves. Estimates of the distance between the Earth and the Sun are also inaccurate. The current calculation is based on the distance between Venus and the Earth, and they are all assumptions.

4. Quantum effects exist. Although the mechanism cannot be explained yet, it is definitely not what mainstream scientists imagine. The current explanation of quantum mechanics is time travel, but we believe that time travel does not exist. But this does not affect human application of quantum effects. Current computers are binary, which is equivalent to the door being either closed or open. Quantum effects can make the door half open, 1/3 open, 1/5 open. . . . . . It can increase the computing power of computers exponentially. Our partners are using liquid nitrogen, other low-temperature liquid gases, and some superconducting devices to build a quantum computer similar to GOOGLE, but at a lower cost, making it more valuable for applications.

5. The cyberspace after 2017 is full of false information, and much valuable information has been deleted. But on Earth, someone has a backup of all network information before 2017. As with blockchain and A.I., this is absolutely strategic. How "absolute" is it? We estimate that it will be "absolutely" possible for a major country to launch nuclear missiles for such a person. So currently, if you are checking some evidence online, you need to view and analyze it dialectically. By the way: Alien Puppy Hawaii also invests in the creation of sci-fi movies.

We don't want to say too much.

What kind of talents are most needed in basic scientific research in our country (China): talents who dare to question, dare to verify, and work hard and enterprising. Welcome to join us and cooperate with us.

Alien Puppy China . com Alien Puppy Hawaii . com If access is slow, use a ladder

Why do I think there are no so-called gravitational waves in GR?" Huang Zhixun. We think that Mr. Huang is right. He is clear-headed, professional, respected, and worthy of learning from each of us. The country must be wary of bragging and defrauding funds every day. Corruption is a crime in academia.

https://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-1354893-957073.html (This article was authored by Huang Zhixun, a great Chinese scientist, who specialize in EM. Written in Chinese)

END - GOOGLE TRANSLATE , We will fix Google Translate's Martian English as soon as we can.


About the life science research we do:

The entire field of evolution research is a scam. The people are so arrogant it's toxic. They can't explain literally anything about life. Even their ideas about cells are models they don't even know what goes on "in vivo". Life was created, plain and simple and these people are part of conspiracy to preach to us otherwise. We're not saying life was created arrogantly, we're saying due to its complexity, looking at life is like looking at a computer or automobile. Nobody who is sane would look at a computer and say it was made from a "primordial soup".

Anyone with a brain will say "someone built that". Any alternative is so statistically irrelevant that even if were true is almost pointless to take it seriously. The reason those guys won't talk to Dr.James Tour probably hinges on that they aren't serious scientists, they are trolls who got famous because the government puts them on a pedestal and they have big egos that won't let them face reality. Some "people" are evil and mistreat people who discuss intelligent design. They insult us and say its "pseudoscience" when THEY are the ones who actually do pseudoscience. We are the ones telling them "do it in a lab" and they refuse because they simply can't do it. This world hates true scientists in these fields and promotes liars and lunatics. Anyways eventually you will see a majority of societies problems come from the empire of lies we call modern "science" which is secretly just some crazy religion.

We're not talking about the science of building machines or lab work, We're talking about the theoretical sciences(such as atomic theory, evolution, virology, etc). Want to do something BIG with us?


For those who are ready to work with us:

When you get what you want in your struggle for self

and the world makes you king for a day

Just go to the mirror and look at yourself

and see what that man has to say

For it isn't your father or mother or wife

whose judgment upon you must pass

The fellow whose verdict counts the most in your life

is the one staring back from the glass

Some people may think you a straight-shooting chum

and call you a wonderful guy

But the guy in the glass says you're only a bum

if you can't look him straight in the eye

He's the fellow to please never mind all the rest

for he's with you clear up to the end

And you've passed your most dangerous difficult test

if the man in the glass is your friend

You may fool the whole world down the pathway

of life and get pats on the back as pass

But your final reward will be heartaches and

tears if you've cheated the man in the glass.


Don't Quit

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, when the road you're trudging seems all uphill, when the funds are low and the debts are high, and you want to smile but you have to sigh, when care is pressing you down a bit - rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Life is strange with its twists and turns. As everyone of us sometimes learns. And many a fellow turns about when he might have won had he stuck it out. Don't give up though the pace seems slow - you may succeed with another blow. Often the goal is nearer than it seems to a faint and faltering man;

Often the struggler has given up when he might have captured the victor's cup; and he learned too late when the night came down, how close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out - the silver tint of the clouds of doubt, and when you never can tell how close you are, it may be near when it seems afar; so stick to the fight when you're hardest hit - it's when things seem worst, you must not quit.

Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy. Let's work together, whoever you are and whatever you are experienced in your field. Full time, Part time, Seasonal, Contract, In-house and Home-based. We do business in the countries listed above. We pay taxes to local governments and we serve local communities. We protect those who protect us. We are Alien Puppy Hawaii & Alien Puppy China.



$15 Million Reward - Targeting the CCP: HIRING: A.I., Blockchain, Aerospace, Life Science

We Hire:

A.I., Blockchain, Life Science, Aerospace & Defense, Bounty Hunting, Private Military, Special Mission, Law Enforcement, IT, Cyber Security, Data Analysis, and more.

We Do:

Combatting the Chinese Communist Party. If you're unwilling to defend civilization in China, be prepared for the spread of barbarism in your own country.

We Give:

$15 Million+ reward for information on CCP families in your country.

Extend the lifespan and improve the health of your family members, ensuring they remain cancer-free throughout their lives. Additionally, if any of them are already battling cancer, we offer treatments to cure the disease and restore their health. FREE.

We Serve:

Your government, your military, your people, your community, and the 1.4 billion Chinese people (excluding the CCP).

We Suggest:

Avoid engaging in any business dealings with CCP-affiliated Chinese companies, universities, and scientific institutions, particularly state-owned enterprises. Refrain from visiting China and abstain from interacting with individuals associated with the CCP. Maintain a low profile and distance yourself from China until civilization and human society improve within the country. Remember that any involvement with the CCP may inadvertently harm your fellow citizens and the Chinese people as a whole.

We Are:

AlienPuppyHawaii.com (EN/ES) & AlienPuppyChina.com (CN)


Please assist in forwarding this email to individuals whom you deem passionate and influential enough to collaborate with us in our mission to care for 1.4 billion Chinese people. We can offer you a very generous commission if you bring anyone to us for cooperation. Take 5 minutes to read this email in English, behind the brief Chinese text. It may spark some positive ideas within you and inspire action for yourself and the 1.4 billion Chinese people who are currently enduring hardship. We sincerely apologize if our emails have been bothersome to you. We hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us, especially when considering that this email is intended to reach out to intl partners(you), sent to aid millions of helpless Chinese families suffering from state theft, scams, robbery, enslavement, and unfair treatment by the evil C C P members.

我 们 招 人,找 合 作 伙 伴,为 全 国 人 民 被 TAN, DAO 财 产 搞 执 法,特 战,反 腐,科 技,投 资。Hiring talent & Seeking Joint-Venture Investment Partners (Cancer, Stem Cell Therapy, Blockchain, Big Data, Law enforcement recruit, Private mili tary operation, veterans, personal/mili tary defense product R&D, manufacturing, distribution, commercial air transport service, more), online service affiliates 招人 Insurance, Life Science, Blockchain, Aerospace&Defense, House Builder (Japan) , Data Entry, Supply chain / Project Management, Internship, Marketing & Communication, Cyber 我 们 亿 元悬 赏 全 国 厅 级 以 上 腐 败,贪 污 诈 骗 党 员 (姓 名,家 庭 成员,国 家,估 计 金 额 范 围 等),尤 其 金 融 业 海 外 藏 匿 资 产 线 索。有 担 保 ,有 军 事 能 力,不 吹 , 不 浪 费 时 间. 国 家 非 常 乱,党 员 非 常 坏,老 百 姓 非 常 无 助,需 要 有 人 为 民 牺 牲,需 要建 立 人 民 武 装 组 织。为 XI 主 席 / 受 难 的 普 通 中 国 家 庭 法 办 毫 无 人 性 的 党 员 罪 犯,为 中 国人 民 除 害 。访 问 我们,受 益 一 生 . We specialize in designing, manufacturing, testing and distributing less-lethal weapons tailored for anti-C C P corruption law enforcement teams serving the people of China (excluding the C C P), in China. Do you have any ideas or proposals you'd like to share with us?

Built to flex: Are you interested in working remotely? We provide our employees with the flexibility to work remotely when possible, recognizing the value they bring to our organization and their need for work-life balance.

$15 million award for information on China SOE corporate executives (C C P ) and/or their family members in your country. You don't read, you won't get.

A l i e n P u p p y H a w a i i . C O M , in English , Spanish, lengua española, see details. https://AlienPuppyHawaii.com

不 翻 -QIANG 你就得不到真 相。没 有 真 相,老 百 姓 就 没 法 保 护 自 己 的 合 法(经 济)利 益 和 血 汗 钱,也就无法参与到 X 主 席 领 导 的 FAN FU运动 中。很 多中 国 人 寿 ZHA PIAN 案 受 hai 人 就 是 以 前 不 翻 学 习,不 了 解 其 公 司 高 管 FAN ZUI 历 史,轻 信 D 领 导 的 这 家 央 企,其 他 机 构 和 媒 体 洗 NAO,结 果 被 ZHA 钱 款 至 今 不 能 追 回。因 信 党 而 被 害。其 公 司 内 即 使 有 被 解 雇,被 抓 的 也 都 是”小 鱼 小 虾,白 手 套,替 SI GUI“。没 有 公 正 Fan FU,国 家 无 法 AN 全。不翻 -QIANG, 你 就 学 习 不 到 最 先 进 的 科 学 技 术,很 难 有 谋 生 的 一 技 之 长,国 家无 法 AN 全,人 民 无法 富 裕 和 幸 福。不 翻,你 将 被 世 界 文 明,法 制,公 平 与 正 义所 抛 弃, 只 会 被 那些 不 让 你 翻 的 人 QI PIAN。不要再傻了,各行,各业,各 机 构 的 用 户 数 超过 你 的 想 象:A lie n Pu ppy SmartLadder™ 最 安 全 的 免 费, 高 速 , 基 于 区 块 链 的 FAAN QIANG 软件; 无 服 务 器 的, 绝 对 无 法 被 J 控 的 全 世 界 最 安 全 的 即 时 通 讯 工 具;全 国 人 民 网 络 投 票 系 统; 其他 :t e ch @ A l i e n P u p p y C h i n a.com 努 力 为 国 家 和 人 民 工 作!努 力 搞 民 生,合作! 访 问 我 们,受 益 一 生

A l i e n P u p p y C h i n a . C O M 中文 ( Chinese Version), https://www.AlienPuppyChina.com 详 细 了 解。招 人 合 作, 开 发 武 器,组 建 真 正 的 人 民 自 己 的 武 装 ,打 击 党 员 犯 罪, 发 展 科 技 与 民 生。真 正 为 全 国 人 民 包 括 所 有 守 法 善 良 公 务 员 及 其 家 庭 服 务。

A.I. | Blockchain | Life Science | Aerospace & Defense | Insurance brokerage 线上外资保险代理运营合作 China market | Bounty Hun ting |Mili tary Support 组 建 人 民 群 众 自 己 的 互 助 武 装 执 法 队,招 募 队 员| Special Missions for 1.2 billion innocent Chinese people & Intl. Government Agencies 招 募 战 士

We research life science, including human cell enhancement for soldiers. We can cure YOUR cancer (with EM wave & other means), we can extend YOUR lifespan, we do PLURIPOTENT stem cell therapy in our own clinics. We do blockchain and A.I. (dual-deposit escrow Ethereum smart contract , most secure server-less private messenger, online voting, big data filtering & machine learning ) We have social media & email marketing capabilities that can help YOU reach 2 million+ new target audiences EVERY DAY.

亿 元 征 集 党 员 腐 败 犯 罪 线 索,包 括 但 不 限 于 中 国 人 寿 董 事 长 白 涛,黑 龙 江 与 其 他 分 公 司 高 管 等 犯 罪 线 索 及 所 有 国 内 外 与 其 相 关, 家 庭 信 息。谨 慎 (不) 选 择 银 行 保 存 钱 财 , 远 离 所 有 国 内 的 金 融 保ZHA 险PIAN 产 品,尤 其 国 寿 任 何 产品,他 们洗,TAN,ZHA,无 E 不 作,无 偿 付 能 力。无 人 性,无 良 知。守 住 自 己 的 钱 袋 子. 我 们 支 持 x 总 反 FU,不 参 与 ZZ,只 关心 老 百 姓 钱 袋 子。现 在 有 深 度 思 考 能 力,对 自 己 负 责 的 网 民 不 多,但 是 我 们 还 是 要 告 诫。你 需 要 梯 子 V P - N 访 问 我 们 的 原 因 是 你 需 要 知 道 怎 么 样 保 护 你 的 钱 和未 来。这 是 TAN 官,D 国 ZEI不 想让 你 知 道的。如果有一天,你的 钱 也 被 他 们TAN WU Z PIAN走 了,你 到 时 候 哭 都来不及。你 现 在 还 不 知 道 生 活 的 不 易 与 环 境的 恶 劣, 所 以 你 需 要 早 日 清 醒,加入X总的F FU队伍。反 Fu 与 你 的 金 融 安 全 问 题 上,不 要 相 信 你 老 板 与 所 谓 的 执 法 机 构 ,在很 多 时 候 它 只 是 机 器 人 而 已, 不 执法,只 会 掩 盖 犯 罪。纪 委 国 安 公 安 掩 盖 犯 罪 情 况 特 别 严 重,国 家 和 人 民 在 现 行 体 系 下 根 本 没 有 希 望。没 有 你 自 己 的 努 力, 我 们无 法 将 木 头 变成 黄 金,但 是 我 们 希 望 至 少 能 让 木 头 知 道 自 己 是 木 头。躺 平, 移 民, 或 加 入 我 们 这 样 的 人 民 群 众 自 己 的互 助 执 法 组 织。

$15 million award for information on China SOE corporate executives (C C P), including but not limited to Bai Tao(Y O B 1963), China Life Insurance Inc chairman of board of directors, executive team members and/or their families, financial ML networks in your country. DON'T invest in China; DON'T visit China, and DON'T do ANY business with the C C P, until the Party is gone and the civilization is back, or you'd have to lose everything, including your soul.

We operate 1M+ relay servers on 6 continents of the world. In space, too. And we are server-less on blockchains. Always At Your Service. Salute!


more business proposals on: https://alienpuppyhawaii.com/combat-ccp-corruption https://AlienPuppyChina.com/anticorruptionnew

腐 败 的 中 共 成 员 家 庭:挥 霍 中国民众的血 汗 钱

全 球 打 击 腐 败 中 国 共 产 党(C C P)成 员 家 族 合 作 提 案 , 搭 梯 子 阅 读

Propuesta de Cooperación para la Caza de las Familias de Miembros Corruptos del CCP en Todo el Mundo

We extend a sincere call for collaboration to bolster cybersecurity measures and combat corruption on a global scale. Alien Puppy Hawaii.com and Alien Puppy China . com seek suppliers and partners to join us in this noble endeavor.

Our operations encompass a range of fields, including online work, data entry, administrative tasks, internet data analysis, business management, and more. Additionally, we specialize in research and development, manufacturing, distribution, and training for tactical gear, aimed at enhancing public security and combating corruption, particularly against the C C P.

The C C P's egregious actions have inflicted untold suffering upon 1.4 billion innocent Chinese citizens, rendering Chinese society devoid of justice, fairness, and love. It is imperative that we unite to counteract their nefarious deeds.

We offer a reward of $15.1 million for information on China SOE corporate executives, such as Bai Tao, and their associates, who have perpetrated crimes against humanity. We urge caution in dealing with entities associated with the C C P until justice prevails and civilization is restored.

Our initiatives span various domains:

Cybersecurity: We leverage email and social media marketing to expose SOE corruption and recruit allies. We seek collaboration with government agencies, military, and IT professionals to bolster our efforts.

Life Science: We pursue breakthroughs in cancer treatment and stem cell therapy to alleviate human suffering. we support stemaid.com

Blockchain: Our ETH-based dual deposit escrow market aims to combat fraud and promote transparency. We support bitbay.market

Commercial Aviation, Aerospace, and Defense: We engage in aircraft trading, leasing, maintenance, and defense product development. We support Japan Airlines, Atlas Air & National Airlines.

Private Investigations and Law Enforcement: We undertake special missions to apprehend corrupt C C P families and recover illicit funds. Join us.

We implore your assistance in tracking down these criminals and seizing their ill-gotten gains. Together, we can restore dignity to the Chinese people and safeguard global interests.

For collaboration inquiries, please contact us at fight@Alien Puppy China.com. We are committed to secure communication and stand ready to serve.

Proposal for Cooperation in Hunting Dirty C C P Member Families Worldwide

Many members of the C C P, along with their families, are discreetly resigning from their positions and fleeing to the Western world, often with public funds. However, both the media and the C C P remain silent on these departures. It's essential to be fully prepared for such occurrences in your country and for our potential cooperation.

Abstract: In an era where the scourge of corruption plagues societies globally, it is imperative that we unite in the pursuit of justice and accountability. The insidious actions of corrupt Chinese Communist Party (C C P) members and their families have not only devastated the people of China but also reverberated across the world. We hereby propose a partnership between various armed organizations, including the Mexico cartel, and other armed entities worldwide, to collaborate in hunting down these nefarious individuals and their families. By joining forces, we can strike a decisive blow against corruption and restore justice to the oppressed masses.

Introduction: The C C P's stranglehold on power in China has enabled its members and their families to amass vast fortunes through corrupt practices, at the expense of the Chinese people. Trillions of dollars have been siphoned from public coffers, leaving behind a wake of economic devastation and social inequality. These ill-gotten gains are then laundered and funneled into luxurious lifestyles abroad, where C C P elites and their families enjoy impunity while the people of China suffer.


1. Intelligence Sharing: We propose the establishment of a secure intelligence-sharing network among participating organizations to gather information on the whereabouts and activities of dirty C C P member families. This network will enable real-time collaboration and coordination in tracking down targets and planning operations.

2. Coordinated Operations: Joint operations will be conducted to apprehend and neutralize dirty C C P member families, utilizing the combined resources and expertise of participating organizations. These operations will prioritize stealth, precision, and the protection of innocent civilians.

3. Financial Disruption: We will target the financial infrastructure that facilitates the illicit activities of dirty C C P member families, including money laundering networks and offshore accounts. By disrupting their financial operations, we can cripple their ability to fund their lavish lifestyles and illegal enterprises.

4. Public Awareness Campaigns: We will launch public awareness campaigns to shine a spotlight on the corrupt activities of C C P elites and their families, both domestically and internationally. Through media outreach and advocacy efforts, we will expose their crimes and garner support for our cause.

5. Legal Assistance: We will provide legal assistance and support to whistleblowers and witnesses willing to come forward with information on dirty C C P member families. By protecting and incentivizing cooperation, we can strengthen our case against these criminal syndicates.


· By targeting the financial interests of dirty C C P member families, we can disrupt their operations and cripple their ability to perpetrate further harm.

· Through coordinated intelligence-sharing and operations, we can maximize our effectiveness in apprehending and neutralizing targets.

· Public awareness campaigns will raise awareness of the C C P's corruption and garner support for our efforts to hold them accountable.

· Legal assistance for whistleblowers will encourage cooperation and strengthen our case against dirty C C P member families.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the scourge of corruption perpetrated by dirty C C P member families must be eradicated for the betterment of humanity. By forging a coalition of armed organizations committed to justice and accountability, we can confront this threat head-on and restore hope to the oppressed masses. Together, we can send a powerful message to corrupt elites everywhere: your days of impunity are numbered. Let us join forces and embark on this noble mission to hunt down dirty C C P member families worldwide.

The Lavish Lifestyles of Corrupt C C P Members: Squandering the Sweat of the Chinese Public

In the shadows of opulent Western cities, a clandestine network of privilege thrives, built upon the backs of the hardworking Chinese populace. Behind the façade of luxury and excess lies a stark reality: corrupt C C P member families, embroiled in nefarious schemes, exploit their positions of power to fund extravagant lifestyles abroad.

For decades, these unscrupulous individuals have siphoned off trillions of dollars from China's state coffers, leaving a trail of economic devastation in their wake. Yet, while the Chinese public struggles to make ends meet, these elites revel in their ill-gotten gains, indulging in mansions, yachts, and designer boutiques in the world's most affluent enclaves.

The contrast is stark and unsettling. While ordinary citizens toil tirelessly to provide for their families, C C P cronies bask in the lap of luxury, insulated from the consequences of their actions. It is a grotesque display of wealth inequality, a brazen affront to the principles of justice and fairness.

From Vancouver to Sydney, from London to New York, the influence of these corrupt C C P families knows no bounds. They purchase prestigious real estate, send their children to elite private schools, and hobnob with the global elite at lavish parties and exclusive clubs. Meanwhile, back in China, millions languish in poverty, their dreams deferred by a system rigged in favor of the powerful and well-connected.

But the tide is turning. As awareness grows and outrage simmers, the spotlight has begun to shine on these hidden beneficiaries of corruption. Whistleblowers come forward, shedding light on the intricate web of money laundering and illicit financial transactions that underpin the opulent lifestyles of the C C P elite.

In response, governments around the world are taking action, implementing stricter regulations and cracking down on money laundering and illicit financial activities. The days of impunity for corrupt C C P members may be numbered, as international pressure mounts to hold them accountable for their crimes.

Yet, while progress is being made, the struggle is far from over. The entrenched power of the C C P, coupled with its vast network of allies and enablers, poses a formidable challenge to those seeking justice. But for the sake of the Chinese people, and indeed all those who value integrity and fairness, the fight must continue.

Ultimately, the story of corrupt C C P member families living lavish lifestyles in the Western world is a sobering reminder of the human cost of corruption. It is a stark illustration of the vast disparities of wealth and power that plague our world, and a call to action for all those who believe in justice and equality. Only by standing together and speaking out against corruption can we hope to create a brighter, more equitable future for all.

As the sun sets on another day of excess and indulgence for the corrupt C C P elite, let us not forget the sacrifices made by the Chinese public, whose sweat and toil have been squandered to fuel their extravagant lifestyles. It is time to hold these elites accountable and to demand justice for those who have been wronged. The future of China, and indeed the world, depends on it.


In China, we offer homemade and standardized weaponry, as well as explosives, specialized warfare training, and skills to the persecuted Chinese populace. Our mission is to combat corruption and fraudulent activities perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party (C C P) against the people. We also target illegal activities within Chinese law enforcement agencies, irrespective of rank.

In addition to providing support for the daily operations of local police in maintaining social order, we prioritize the safety of innocent lives, even if incidental property losses may occur. For more information, please refer to the "Products and Services" section.

Furthermore, we collaborate with military intelligence agencies and law enforcement bodies globally to prepare for military interventions against illegal CCP members and their illicit assets abroad. We offer a starting reward of 100 million RMB, equivalent in USD (approxi $15 million), for any valuable information or military assistance, with payments available in the United States or Japan, in compliance with local laws and backed by official government documents.

We remain open to the possibility of military action against non-party members, non-Chinese citizens, online self-media platforms, money laundering networks, and fugitives and their families involved in criminal activities in China. Our targets extend to individuals in the European Union, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand who pose a threat to the interests of the Chinese people, (not the C C P).

Simultaneously, we are actively recruiting globally and undertaking outsourced projects in big data processing, analysis, cryptocurrency, biometric identification, and targeted strike technologies. Our aim is to combat crimes perpetrated by C C P members in relevant countries. We extend our invitation to those who wish to join us in serving millions of ordinary Chinese families who are suffering.

For inquiries and applications, please contact us at applycn@AlienPuppyChina.com.

Propuesta de Cooperación para la Caza de las Familias de Miembros Corruptos del C C P en Todo el Mundo

Resumen: En una era donde la sombra de la corrupción se extiende por todo el mundo, es crucial unirnos en la búsqueda de justicia y rendición de cuentas. Los actos corruptos de los miembros del Partido Comunista de China (C C P) y sus familias no solo han devastado al pueblo chino, sino que también han tenido un impacto en todo el mundo. En este sentido, proponemos una cooperación con diversas organizaciones armadas, incluidos los cárteles mexicanos y otras entidades armadas en el mundo, para rastrear a estos individuos corruptos y sus familias. Con acciones conjuntas, podemos golpear de manera decisiva la corrupción y restaurar la justicia para las masas oprimidas.

Introducción: El monopolio del poder del C C P en China ha permitido que sus miembros y sus familias acumulen una gran riqueza a través de medios corruptos, a expensas del pueblo chino. Miles de millones de dólares han sido sacados de las arcas públicas, dejando a su paso una destrucción económica y una desigualdad social. Estos ingresos ilegales se han lavado y transferido a un estilo de vida lujoso en el extranjero, donde los élites del C C P y sus familias disfrutan de la impunidad, mientras que el pueblo chino sufre.


  1. Intercambio de Información: Proponemos establecer una red segura de intercambio de información entre las organizaciones participantes para recopilar datos sobre el paradero y las actividades de las familias de miembros corruptos del C C P. Esta red permitirá una cooperación y coordinación en tiempo real para rastrear objetivos y planificar acciones.

  2. Acciones Coordinadas: Se llevarán a cabo operaciones conjuntas para arrestar y neutralizar a las familias de miembros corruptos del C C P, aprovechando los recursos y el conocimiento especializado de las organizaciones participantes. Estas acciones priorizarán el sigilo, la precisión y la protección de civiles inocentes.

  3. Ataques Financieros: Nos centraremos en desmantelar la infraestructura financiera que respalda las actividades ilícitas de las familias de miembros corruptos del C C P, incluidas las redes de lavado de dinero y las cuentas en el extranjero. Al socavar sus operaciones financieras, podremos debilitar su capacidad para financiar un estilo de vida lujoso y empresas ilegales.

  4. Campañas de Concientización Pública: Iniciaremos campañas de concientización pública para exponer las actividades ilícitas de las élites corruptas del C C P y sus familias a nivel nacional e internacional. A través de la difusión mediática y actividades de promoción, revelaremos sus crímenes y obtendremos apoyo para nuestra causa.

  5. Asistencia Legal: Proporcionaremos asistencia legal y apoyo a los denunciantes y testigos que estén dispuestos a proporcionar información sobre las familias de miembros corruptos del C C P. Al proteger y fomentar la cooperación, fortaleceremos los cargos contra estas organizaciones criminales.


  • Al atacar los intereses financieros de las familias de miembros corruptos del C C P, podremos obstaculizar sus acciones y evitar un mayor daño.

  • A través del intercambio de información y acciones coordinadas, podremos aumentar la eficiencia en la captura y neutralización de objetivos.

  • Las campañas de concientización pública aumentarán la conciencia sobre la corrupción del C C P y obtendrán apoyo para nuestros esfuerzos de rendición de cuentas.

  • La asistencia legal para los denunciantes alentará la cooperación y fortalecerá nuestros casos contra las familias de miembros corruptos del C C P.

Conclusión: En resumen, el daño causado por las familias de miembros corruptos del C C P debe ser erradicado en beneficio de la humanidad. Al establecer un frente unido de organizaciones armadas comprometidas con la justicia y la rendición de cuentas, podemos enfrentar esta amenaza y brindar esperanza a las masas oprimidas. Unamos fuerzas y comencemos esta noble misión: la caza global de las familias de miembros corruptos del C C P.