At AlienPuppyHawaii, we operate on the Ethereum blockchain, offering downloadable software and web-based applications that are ready for immediate use. When it comes to cryptocurrency wallets, we recognize MetaMask as the premier choice for ETH transactions, while for BTC transactions, we recommend the use of BitHalo.org's BTC wallet. With features like dual signatures and offline signatures, these wallets provide unparalleled security, ensuring the integrity of your assets even in the face of potential threats like key corruption or hacking attempts.

For financial institutions, international organizations, and government agencies, we provide a range of services tailored to your specific needs. Our expertise extends to anti-corruption efforts in China and the pursuit of individuals involved in illicit activities, including the concealment of substantial BTC holdings and assets in offshore accounts or through money laundering enterprises.

It's not necessary to undertake risky endeavors like diving into deep oceans or resorting to weapons to protect public interests. Through tools like Dual Deposit Escrow (DDE), individuals can wield a powerful weapon for safeguarding their assets and interests online. Whether it's data entry work or other contributions, every action taken can have a positive impact on society. Ultimately, it's about nurturing and enhancing our own humanity, leaving behind a legacy of integrity and compassion for future generations.

Introducing DDE Service Fees:

At AlienPuppyHawaii.com, we provide a Dual Deposit Escrow (DDE) service to facilitate seamless transactions between buyers and sellers. To cover the costs associated with this service, we charge a nominal fee to all users, both buyers and sellers. To utilize this service, users must possess BTC or ETH coins.

Fee Structure:

Fee Rate: 1.5% of the transaction amount

Minimum Fee: $10 per transaction

Maximum Fee: $1,000 per transaction

Payment Terms:

Users are required to pay the DDE service fee upon the successful completion of their transactions, with no issues or disputes. Payment is only due once the DDE deals with buyers/sellers are closed entirely.

Coming Soon:

Stay tuned as we prepare to launch our formal DDE service to the public. We are committed to providing a secure and reliable platform for all your transaction needs.

Enhanced Transaction Security with Human Guarantee:

While not essential for transactions based on blockchain technology, it remains an option.

At AlienPuppyHawaii.com, we prioritize the security and trustworthiness of our transactions conducted through the Dual Deposit Escrow (DDE) service. If you require additional assurance for your transactions with our buyers/sellers, we offer the option of a human guarantee.

How It Works:

With the human guarantee option, we can arrange for a deposit to be made in a reputable US or Japan bank, in collaboration with local government authorities. This deposit serves as a tangible commitment to secure the transaction, providing peace of mind to all parties involved.

Human Escrow Service Provider:

Our designated human escrow service provider ensures the integrity and reliability of the transaction process. By leveraging the expertise and credibility of established banking institutions and government entities, we enhance the security of your transactions on the DDE platform.

Get in Touch:

If you're interested in availing of the human guarantee option for your transactions, please contact us to discuss further details and arrangements. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

The AlienPuppy blockchain-based DDE service offers assurance against potential scams by malicious actors (such as the CCP). Additionally, a comprehensive and detailed contract ensures alignment and collaboration between trustworthy buyers and sellers. Remember to finalize contract terms with us, whether through written agreements, video conferences, or any other format that ensures clarity and mutual understanding between both parties. Clear is kind; unclear is unkind.

Contact: dde @ AlienPuppyChina.com