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You know what you should do in the street,so as to get a big award, become physically healthy and financially rich when we announce in here that our guys are being "touched" by dirty CCPs in China. You can recognize Asian faces, and foreign picture IDs, can't you? China, the whole country and its state(people)-owned enterprises have been hijacked, stolen, scammed and abused for decades. Trillions of dollars, the blood money of the hard-working Chinese people, are gone.

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02/16/2024 we conduct our business via DDE, either on with ETH (web-based DDE contract platform development is in progress) and/or with Japanese banks, or both. DOESN'T do A.I. | Life Science | Aerospace & Defense | Blockchain businesses with individuals, companies or government agencies affiliated with the CCP.

02/15/2024 Putin says Russia is close to creating cancer vaccines. AlienPuppy's opinion: A cancer vaccine seems like a contradiction because cancer is thought of as metabolic. Dressing up a human in a cute lab coat doesn't make these "scientists" credible any more than NZ police dressed in military gear with guns inspires trust that they protect us. True scientists go based on experiments. True scientists ignore everything humanity says. From what we know so far about vaccines, almost zero chance. However, there are a lot of GREAT SCIENTISTS in Russia and Ukraine. We are expecting to collaborate with them in this field. We have no enemies in both countries. PEACE.