04/01/2024 For our BOYS in Okinawa

Gather 'round, fellow Okinawans, both on the island and those serving afar.

As the sun sets on the shores of Okinawa, our gaze turns towards the horizon, where adventure beckons. We seek companions for an expedition to the distant Ogasawara, a journey of discovery and delight.

On this rugged voyage, we are in search of companionship and camaraderie, but also of beauty that surpasses the splendor of the sea. For who among us can resist the allure of a cute companion to share in our odyssey?

So, our fellow islanders, we implore you: Do you have any suggestions for charming companions to accompany us on this week-long, perhaps two, escapade to Ogasawara?

Okinawa @ AlienPuppyChina.com





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