Commercial Air Transport

Overview of Past Engagements:

Prior to 2019, we conducted business in the air transport sector with global operators, including Chinese airlines, under different business names. Here are some highlights of our previous engagements:

  • Russian Airlines: We have conducted business with almost all Russian airlines before 2022.

  • United Airlines and U.S. ACMI Operators: We assisted AMECO and TAECO on multiple aircraft maintenance and conversion programs for United Airlines and private-owned U.S. ACMI operators.

  • Asia-Pacific MROs: We are licensed vendors to several major MROs in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Japanese Aircraft Trading: We assisted two major Japanese companies in trading their retired B737 and B747 aircraft with private owners or government representatives from China, the U.S., and Europe.

Additional Successes:

Our track record includes various successful ventures such as:

  • Training cabin crews for American private operators in the United Arab Emirates and Africa for charter flights to conflict zones.

  • Providing ground services for USAF C-40s and Air Force One.

  • Collaborating with Department of Defense contractors for Department of Justice ConAir programs and Hajj programs in Saudi Arabia.

  • Assisting financial institutions in Beijing with the acquisition and leasing of commercial aircraft.

Partnering with Us:

Given our extensive experience and proven track record, the question remains: Can you do business with us? We welcome inquiries from potential partners and clients who seek to leverage our expertise and industry connections for mutually beneficial endeavors.

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