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All our websites aren't designed for mobile readers because alien puppies believe that Earth people can't or won't read and think, and they can't work with "user-end-stupid" android/iOS cell phones. "User-end-stupid" isn't "server-end-stupid". the "server-end" cannot suck your blood if you aren't stupid. Visiting us with your laptop or PC could bring you "real work". Believe us. AlienPuppy software engineers develop Android/iOS apps on PC. They know that Mobile OS & wireless networks are insecure.

The age of information fragmentation produces zombies. Don't just browse us. Research us. And don't waste your time on us. Our goal is to make your life and work effective and fulfilling. Wasting your resources, including your precious time, and making you dumber is a sin. Very few would tell you the truth. You're lucky and you got us! Welcome to AlienPuppyTenders.

1 http://www.AlienPuppyTenders.com Russia-based server

2 http://www.AlienPuppyTenders.com.ua Ukraine-based server (Offline now)

3 http://www.AlienPuppyTendersHawaii.com U.S.A. / E.U. server

Our websites are sometimes inaccessible due to internet traffic and occasional DDoS attacks. However, the "page not found" message is temporary. Visit mirror sites instead. If your ISP or employer blocks our websites, use a proxy and/or VPN. If you believe the blocking is illegal, we'll investigate and send our legal team and IT technicians to you to protect your legal rights.

Don't trust anyone without DDE, including those domain registrars. If you can't access us or find us, google us, or pay those New Zealand government criminals, including Jacinda to dig out any useful information about us.

Google "proxy" or "VPN" , or use free ProtonVPN.com software, if you encounter some kind of AlienPuppy website access issue.

Refresh this page if youtube videos show "unavailable"