is a small procurement portal for global suppliers and contractors, both corporate and individual, who are seeking successful marketing and sales directly or indirectly in or for the business sectors listed below:
  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Air Transport Service

  • Entertainment & Recreation

  • Healthcare & Life Science

  • Education & Research

  • Public Security

  • Make the New Zealand Police and Judges CLEAN ( so that the New Zealand Prime Minister [click] no longer has to appear as a beggar on the world stage. )

  1. New Zealand Most Wanted List. The reward is at least 30,000 NZD for ONE New Zealand government employee/judge fugitive.

  2. Self-defense hardware & service distribution program. No military rifles in hands? so no fairness and no law. The criminals are still sitting in the offices.

  3. Maori Military/ IT training program. The criminals in the New Zealand government have underestimated the ability of Maori to uphold the law and racial rights.

On this website, we aren't trying to sell you "anything "*. On the contrary, we try to buy from all DDE-enabled vendors worldwide. Also, AlienPuppyTenders HR teams try to work with all DDE-ready job seekers to help them develop their careers with us on the Internet and in our facilities. You can simply close the browser windows if making sales, making a profit, or moving up the career ladder aren't part of your business goals. If you want to make sales or get hired and add another number or face to your global client or employer list, please take a look at us.

The only lifetime condition is "DDE" (Dual Deposit Escrow), which ensures that "your marriage" can last years or decades. DDE is your only relative that your parents would love and try to get along with to build a good future for you. The amount? From $1,500 to $1 million per transaction or contract. We have done business with bankrupt students as well as Fortune 500 companies. The DDE service provided by the Japanese government or a Japanese bank is the only option for business/employment contracts over $10,000. Exception: anonymous or digital contracts based on blockchain smart contract technologies.

There is nothing special about the DDE concept. DDE helps people take real responsibility for each other. The price of greatness is responsibility. In the human world, we believe that the "Japanese things" should be the most trustworthy, fair, and effective for all people. Their law-abiding public servants, reputation and credibility are higher than the standard of your government or banks. By the way, please don't mention the so-called "Christchurch District Court", the facts and evidence show the whole world they are just a criminal organization run by a bunch of uniformed criminals, especially when they handle dirty police-involved cases of Maori, Indians and Asian. They'll be torn down sooner or later by real New Zealand law and justice upholders. Meanwhile, in the 0101 digital Skynet world, the "blockchain smart contract" is the most unbreakable and fair mechanism nowadays. Thank you, Mr. Satoshi, no one would believe you're an Alien Puppy from another dimension. The old question 'Is it in the database?' will be replaced by 'Is it on the blockchain?'. The New Zealand government and court crimes couldn't exist when all the people in New Zealand utilize the creation you brought to humanity on planet Earth. The blockchain does one thing: it replaces third-party trust* with mathematical (universal) proof that something happened. Please prove we are wrong by sending us an email. By the way, google "dual deposit escrow" and "" and then do some more research. "Our global partners" are working hard to produce the Earth's extremely high-valued blockchain utilization for government clients. Until we get equality in education, we won't have an equal society.

Want to know what we're trying to acquire in the markets? Click into our DropBox space to find out! Give us advice and suggestions if we're missing some programs you're knowledgeable in. You're professionals and always have better ideas and sharper visions for OUR industries and business needs than we do. Wait a minute. You should ask yourself if there might be a chance that we could become friends and try or test each other or like to do business with each other through DDE before you think about whether or not AlienPuppyTenders would buy your products or services. Don't do a technical program analysis at the beginning, do a lifetime friendship and business relationship analysis. A business relationship isn't a coincidence, it's a fate. It's about commitment and caring for each other. Please don't question your abilities in business first. You must be valuable to us if you have confidence in our business or working relationship. You know what our dream is? It's not cool and it doesn't look "upper class". It's simple. Anyone can do it, but not everyone would: Bring you a cup of Japanese green tea, sit in front of you and discuss the technical analysis of the AlienPuppyTenders programs and your professional/career development with you, like your classmates, brothers or sisters. WELCOME.

*At the Alien Puppy Store we sell general merchandise, AlienPuppyTenders gifts and souvenirs. In the New Zealand market, we also sell military hardware, training services, and all kinds of data from both the illegal New Zealand government and its criminal employees. For more information, check out the " Make New Zealand Police & Judge Clean" program. You don't have to waste your precious time and money on AlphaBay/NZ scammers without DDE protection.

*2 "Third-party trust", such a heavy term for New Zealand police and judicial system. We're really surprised that these "Kiwi's public servants" can still be alive. Maybe they're right: in New Zealand, Maori and Asians have NO SOUL.