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AlienPuppy Dirty New Zealand, Make NZ Police & Judge Clean:

Dirty New Zealand, self-defense gear distribution & IT training in NZ. The best way to fight crimes in NZ is to fight government and police/judge crimes, the mother of all the NZ crimes, first. And the best way to fight NZ government crimes is to provide professional military and technical support to those who dares to fight against the government crimes with different ways as we do. Contact us, if you need self-defense weapons in NZ. New Zealand government criminals purposely forgot "All men are created EQUAL". They created crimes and the poorness of NZ. They can commit crimes without any issues, SO CAN YOU! whoever you are! Just shoot these fake "public servants", overthrow this dirty government and get a qualified one for public. By the way, don't use shotguns, it's too " TOY", only for Kiwi kids. The illegal government, teeming with criminals, has told you that carrying and trading weapons to uphold law, justice and your legal right is illegal. Read Kris Faafoi[click] to find out why Kiwi gang (child gang) arrest is illegal.

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AlienPuppy @ New Zealand: AlienPuppy's global partners DO NOT sell any China-made self-defense/hunting gears in the NZ market. They provide similar equipment to NZ patriots, social organizations, prisoner families and the communities of Maori and other minorities to fight against the crimes local government committed. Yes. You have the legal rights to do whatever the NZ government employee trash did. They robbed and kidnapped International tourists and global defense contractors. VISIT us, if you believe you are DDE-ready and would do business with the Alien partners. Wasting your/their time is a sin. Our websites have been online for years. Did Andrew Coster( so-called commissioner of NZ police, best known as a government criminal, a felon) dare to do anything ?

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AlienPuppy New Zealand: Data-labeling & A.I. NZ Government Criminal behavior pattern modus[click]

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AlienPuppy Physics & Industrial Design Lessons for Maori communities in New Zealand.

AlienPuppy global partners supply 3D printer and "ink" cartridge to NZ civilian markets.

Hammer Industries said "size doesn't matter".