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Sī vīs pācem, parā bellum. At AlienPuppyTenders©, we pioneer technologies and break new boundaries to protect and advance humanity as we know it. From deep sea to outer space to cyberspace, we're defining possible at the edge of every frontier. AlienPuppyDefense® invests in technologies, government programs, industry startups, stable supply chains, and the most important factor in every game we play on Earth: PEOPLE.

Why should your government spend as much money as possible on aerospace and defense? We've had a lot of people ask us this question. Well, if you took some time to thoroughly research how New Zealand police officers and judges have committed crimes to hurt innocent "nobodies" in New Zealand, you'd ask yourself: Why were dirty New Zealand police officers killed on the streets of Auckland; Why are more and more people fleeing New Zealand; Why could a bunch of felons still get the government to "selectively" take away the human and legal rights of those, especially young Maoris, who have no guns or higher social status and are afraid to stand up to the government's crimes, etc. Why? Because the victims of government crimes don't have enough means and methods to protect themselves legally in this imperfect world. And your job is NOT to protect one or a few people. Your people expect you to do everything you can, to sacrifice everything you'd lose, to protect all the people, millions and millions of people, across the country. Not everyone you see on the street or in a government building sitting behind a professional desk wearing a professional suit is a real or a good person. Likewise, not all international governments are "real and genuine." Your people, your wealth, your resources, your land and everything you have could have been on their list for years. The only difference between the New Zealand police, judges and them is only "the size of the targets." And now you may ask, "What about international law and court? They play justice for the whole world, for all people, for all nations." We understand your confusion about "Christchurch District Court vs. International Court." As we mentioned before, if the New Zealand court was CLEAN for all the people, no police officer would be murdered on the street in Auckland. If they were as clean as they claim, the Dirty New Zealand program wouldn't exist today. And if the International Court of Justice worked for all nations, your job title would be "Baby Hospital Liaison Officer." You do the best job in your country, for your people. You work hard with global defense contractors so that "Baby Hospital Liaison Officers" can provide more peace and health care to babies. Your work is meaningful and irreplaceable. People are counting on YOU.

The mission of the Alien Puppy Tender platform is to protect the interests of government customers and enhance their aerospace and defense capabilities around the globe. We're American, Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian and Russian all rolled into one. The programs published on our platform aren't related to any possible or potential disputes or conflicts between these 5 nations, nor are they intended to "exploit" other allied countries. This is an important condition in all agreements we make with our company members, suppliers, customers and partners. Taiwan is a province of the People's Republic of China. We don't allow products and/or services produced in any program published on our platform to be used directly or indirectly by the "Government of Taiwan", the "Government of the Republic of China" and/or the military of Taiwan. We'll add a few more international government partners in the "AlienPuppyDefense protects them" column.

Alien Puppy Tenders, We're who we're. We're very direct and we don't hide. If we were to do business with you, your government or your country, it would mean that we'd take full responsibility and obligation to protect you, your government, your people and your country. In business, reputation matters, and credibility and rules make for successful cooperation. Your security and success are much more important than our lives. This isn't about "just words" or "just numbers." We humbly believe that we're probably more trustworthy, reliable, and disciplined than many of your employees, including those with security clearances and hired by your government and military. Their local citizenship and background can't guarantee you anything. This is a global age. The world has changed. Alien Puppy Tenders believes in FAIR TRADE & EQUAL PARTNERSHIP. The earth could keep spinning at any time, with or without anyone. The difference isn't "COUNTRY"; the difference is "PEOPLE". If you're a decision maker and love your country and your people, would never take advantage of the public and wouldn't endanger public and national security, and if you're a true patriot, then you'd not worry about the Alien Puppy Tenders. On the contrary, if you aren't (research the Dirty New Zealand program, you'll find that most high ranking officials in the illegitimate New Zealand government aren't, they're criminals for/against the New Zealand public), we wouldn't do business with you or your government, even if you were lucky enough to represent your government/military to do business with global contractors. We know that business is about DOUBLE winning. And we don't want to see the Alien Puppy Tenders wins and your people, your country lose,because of the way "traitors" and "criminals" have behaved in your country. Our words are much more real than any patriotism and ethics slogan you have ever read on the internet or in your office building, or inside a bunker.

It's simple: You DO NOT have to send us to your local court to waste your taxpayers' sweat money. Just KILL US (otherwise we'd kill ourselves) if we break any laws or violate any regulations of your unit, your agency, your government and your country. Add this clause to our contract and we'd gladly sign it. Take New Zealand, for example. Look at the laws, the courts, the police, the judges, and maybe the military: Criminals and traitors are everywhere in the New Zealand state system. The New Zealand public, laws, and righteous government employees could use NOTHING against crimes and threats to national security directly or indirectly committed by government employees. So we aren't sure if your government and military are as dirty and ineffective as New Zealand's. Our opinions are: 1. Spend your taxpayers' money effectively and don't waste it on a political and legal smear theater like the illegitimate New Zealand government is doing. 2. Your global contractors may love your country, your government and your people much more than the false love and patriotism of your "possibly unqualified" government employees. Excuse us. Your country already has a set of rules: your Constitution and your law. Money doesn't lie, and corporate reputation and credibility are the keys. Imagine how powerful the product could be if all these "positive elements" worked together for your national defense. 3. Don't waste your precious time on fake media and political broadcasts, but make an independent decision on any deal with a contractor you want to try or test. For any country, the most dangerous "elements" are always those from "INSIDE". Your global contractor should be the last "potential threat" you should worry about.

We have money, we can wait, we're in no hurry, and we'd agree to your very "tough" terms and conditions, which many other bidders wouldn't. We're looking for long-term cooperation. We have technologies and, most importantly, we have experience with the products and services we'd offer you. If we're the best and most competitive providers in the market, you must choose us FOR YOUR COUNTRY. Effective procurement of valuable products and services in the international market is the only way you have a chance to successfully defend your country in war. No promise from an international government or organization can offer you the same as what a trusted global defense contractor can do for you. National security is ultimately about "competition between defense contractors." If your defense contractors, no matter who they're or where they come from, are better than those of your (potential) enemies, then you're safe. The defense market is sometimes a seller's market, and sometimes some of the bidders are your contractors' contractors (i.e., your subcontractors) for the programs they didn't win. We're in the process of expanding our global partner network. More and more manufacturers and institutes are partnering with us and bidding for defense programs under the name "AlienPuppy-DirtyNewZealand Inc." or their own trademarks. The reasons are simple: 1. We're financially secure, we use DDE, and we'd take all financial risks for them because we invest in the defense programs we select. All they have to do is focus on their core business: R&D and production. 2, We aim for long-term cooperation and growth where both sides win. 3, We aren't a mere bank or investment company, we're more professional than banks in this industry. 4, the Dirty New Zealand program shows our customers that we're righteous and responsible. The countries we do business in are different from New Zealand. The financial institutions and government officials there are trustworthy and law abiding. They're completely different from the scum of the New Zealand government, such as those listed on the New Zealand Most Wanted Fugitives page. Our buyers know that we're working hard to build everything for them, they know that we're happy to work with them, that's why we're here, and they also know that JUSTICE brings peace and prosperity to all, including themselves; injustice and government crimes create disasters for society. We know that New Zealand government garbage doesn't care, but many government officials in other countries do. That is why New Zealand will become a "Tonga" in 5 to 8 years; What does New Zealand have now? Almost NOTHING. New Zealand's only asset: reputation, credibility and legal environment have been abused and successfully destroyed by the government. Meanwhile, the countries where we do business become the leaders and pioneers of humanity. We're very direct. We're different from the New Zealand government where "suit & uniform adorned" felons and rapists could run the whole country. We know that the only "ultimate purpose" of forgery is to gain personal benefits by sacrificing the interests of teams, companies, government agencies or even the entire nation in the long run.

We're very independent, and our business can flourish with or without someone. And if you're professional enough, your business must be too.


We develop, bid and invest directly in aerospace and defense programs in the U.S., Canada, China, Japan, the U.K., Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Nordic countries, the EU and Australia. Join us. Here are some example programs. You can access more AlienPuppyAerospace programs in the DropBox area:

Our dream: The aliens help our company develop a kind of anti-fusion reaction technology that can turn any nuclear weapon into a heavy scrap of metal that falls to the ground when used to attack Japan.

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.

Combat Fighter Pilot Helmet R&D (UK) Mar.18th, 2021 #87009-0091  North shore ATC Radar Surveillance System (Norway) Mar.20th, 2021

 Warship Part Supply (Poland) Mar.18th, 2021 #87798-2871  C-130 Heavy Maintenance (Sweden) Mar.18th, 2021 #88982-0092

 JAXA-889JJP Mar.23rd, 2021, Click for more JAXA programs  CNSA Star Navigation System (Asia) Mar. 23rd, 2021 #87709-0013

 EODSA/ETOS (External Link. Alien Puppy Self-R&D) April.2nd, 2023  High Energy Laser System ( Long Term - Alien Puppy Self-R&D)

 Titanium-Alloy Landing Gear ( Heavy) RFI  Swarm Drone A.I. & Algorithm Development (Beijing, Shanghai - on site )

 China Government Programs (Dropbox Link)  U.S. Government Programs (Dropbox Link)

 Japan Government Programs (Dropbox Link)  Russia Government Programs (Dropbox Link)

CASG, DoD of Australia (Dropbox Link)  U.K.Government Programs (Dropbox Link)

Scandinavia (Dropbox Link)  Ted.Europa.Eu program bidding coordination program ( for BPO, Total Solution Providers)

  AlienPuppyWorks® (DropBox Link) Complex  3D Printing Program (Since 10052021 Shenzhen, China) Y009U

 The experiment of Battlefield A.I. & Remote Target Recognition  Two sets of three rotor blade Drone with 800KG payload R&D & Test

Battlefield Multiple-Intelligence Demonstrator: active electronically scanned array radars, multi-spectral imagers, and other advanced technology to intercept signals and monitor communications #CL89-JPH1 - Alien1024 Program of Deep Research on:

Quantuminsert Quantumbot Quantumbiscuit Quantumdns Quantumhand Quantumphantom Quantumsky Quantumcopper Quantummackdown and Quantummisleading

Valid through 01.01.2030 --#DR990JY7

China Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition (CACIBC) 2019~2029 click With $400K /Mo budget,  AlienPuppy Seeking Program search, Bid Management. Sourcing and Corporate Communication Service Providers(BPO) & Purchasing Agencies (BPO)for the Aerospace Programs of the International Governments/Defense Contractors of Canada, U.S.A, U.K., Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia, EU, MiddleEast/Africa, S.America, Japan and China, for all the selected programs published on the official procurement portals of mentioned governments. DDE-Verified suppliers contact us for details. -- Search #: APaero-F99VB

Valid through 01.01.2030

AlienPuppyDefense® invests in UAV, AUV and C6ISR startups in Canada, Japan, Finland, Sweden and Norway. #Alien0907Y Click on the DocumentPortalDropBox link to find details.

we're in the process of updating the AlienPuppyAerospace Portal databases. Links to program details are being added and are available to the public. AlienPuppyTenders funds these programs If you're from the UK, EU, Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, USA and Canada, contact us for information about our aerospace and defense services in these countries. We're "trying" to expand our business worldwide. Sustainability is important.

Are you interested in any of the above programs? Then contact us. Prove that you're AlienDDE-ready, and then we'll discuss with you the specific business requirements and technical details of the programs you choose. DDE for all aerospace programs must be provided through the escrow services provided by the allied governments. Visit the AlienPuppy DDE list for more information.

Aerospace services represents one of our biggest growth opportunities for the future.

The biggest benefit of Apollo was the inspiration it gave to a growing generation to get into science and aerospace. ---- Buzz Aldrin