About we engage in 1 Aerospace & Defense 2 Air Transportation Service 3 Entertainment & Recreation 4 Healthcare & Life Sciences 5 Education 6 Public Security and 7 Making Police & Judges in New Zealand Clean and Lawful

We search, research, publish, bid, invest directly/indirectly, acquire/trade patents and technologies, plan production, manage supply chain and outsource research and development in the above areas. No matter what missions you want to get involved in, from landing on Mars to extending the human lifespan to "teaching for America" to supporting the military, we do it.

Aerospace & Defense

Air Transport Service

Entertainment & Recreation

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Public Security

Make New Zealand's police and judges CLEAN

If you or your organization is in one of the industries listed in the "Industries" menu, you're in the right place. All the programs we publish, all the business we do, all the people we meet, and all the products and services we make and buy belong to these business sectors and nowhere else.