A special $20,000 prize for retired police officers, veterans, African Americans, and Maori working as independent law enforcement officers. Don't forget to send bad guys like Kris Faafoi to cell or hell WAS your job. We can deposit your money anywhere in the world, including Antarctica. This is your rightful earnings. Thanks for doing cleaning work for the New Zealand public and the next generation of Kiwis. New Zealand law isn't only for "nobodies". It must apply to everyone. It's simple: send Kris to jail or to hell, or release Brenton Tarrant. We don't think Brenton is cheaper than Kris Faafoi. Huh? Give Kris Faafoi a chance, he has three kids at home to feed. Has anyone given Brenton Tarrant a chance? Brenton wanted to work with us to build a baby hospital in Tibet, and he'll definitely do BIG GOOD THINGS for the Tibetans if he can be released.

So there is not a single New Zealand police officer or judge who would really uphold New Zealand laws and fight crime. The goal of all is to "scam" the taxes paid by the public for their monthly income and perpetual power for personal gain. Otherwise, this government garbage would not exist. They have prevented street thefts, they have taken care of car accidents on the street, but that does not make them cops. Selective law enforcement is a crime. No one would fight the government's crimes, so social crime is absolutely right, because people are equal, and the law is about justice.

If there are few New Zealand patriots and true leaders worthy of the designation, it must be those who fired Kris Faafoi and the ex-Prime Minister. That may not be good enough for the public, but at least they would be doing some of the job they are supposed to do in their leadership positions.

Kris Faafoi, a scum, a felon, a dirty "high-rank" NZ government official was "fired" by the government. New Zealand people and some other dirty "public servants" needed him to leave. But he's "lucky". He hasn't ended up with "a cell" or "the hell". Then this guy found a new job in Auckland, but unfortunately(or fortunately), he was fired again by his new employer. Yes, he must fall in love with the word " fired". New Zealand people can tell who are the biggest thieves and scammers in New Zealand: Dogs can do better on Kris Faafoi's job position. And most importantly, dogs won't commit felonies, won't break laws, and won't scam Kiwi taxpayer's money.

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Kris Faafoi