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A reward of 15 million dollars for info on the CCP members. We HIRE online!

A reward of 15 million dollars for info on the C C P members

our employees are currently experiencing a slight threat from the corrupt CCP and the so-called NAS agent of China for the sake of the existence of the anti-corruption website: AlienPuppyChina.com They "wanted" us to shut it down. Meanwhile, they didn't want to pay for the internet data cleaning service we provide. lol.They've stolen trillions of dollars from the innocent Chinese people. You are not only working for your community, you are working to help strangers, several billion human strangers in this world. All of humanity is suffering. We need you to give us your power to end the suffering of our people.

Business is business. In return,we can enhance your intelligence capabilities at work with our technologies. We research life science ( human cell enhancement for soldiers. We can cure YOUR cancer, we can extend YOUR lifespan, we do stem cell therapy and others), blockchain and AI. We have online marketing capabilities that can help YOU reach 1 million+ new audiences EVERY DAY. So we can help you.

A reward of 15 million dollars for information on the C C P members of China, and/or their families, financial networks in your countries.

We Do A.I. , Blockchain , Life Science , Anti-Corr uption , Aerospace and more. We cure cancer,we develop stem cell therapy,We defend your country, and We read our Universe;

WE HIRE online. We don't care who you are, where you come from. we only care how successful our business will be and how much we can do for you and your loved ones. Yes, it's the human and responsible things that count.Want to do what you love and get paid for it? JOIN US, no matter what you'd LOVE to do WITH us. Are you addicted to challenges and difficult topics at work as you play chess with artificial intelligence? We've just built a chessboard for you.

the shorter the message, the more necessary it is for you to know. Your email service providers filter data, and remove what you really need and then tell you that black is white. The easier it is for you to get information, the less valuable (or even worthless, a waste of time) it is to you. Read us and let us know what we can do together and how we can do it. We research, We invest, We risk, We manage, We hire, We collaborate and We share.

https://AlienPuppyHawaii.com/letter for details. email : hidecoop @ AlienPuppyChina.com

spming couldn't make us the power to protect the public ( in both China and your country) and make YOU rich, but partnering with you will.

One way email sent by the people and for the people. DON'T reply.

Our question is, do you have any information about high ranking dirty CCP families living in your country? Arrest or deport one or a whole family, then let us know the details. the name of the chairman of China Life Inc. is Bai Tao ( first name last), we are hunting his families and relatives in the western world . If you would do this, we would cooperate with you. We utilize our own secured online communication system.

We don’t have any classified info. Our associates can work for your agency, as project managers for your technical programs, leading teams to achieve YOUR business goals effectively at a lower cost.