the following message sent to the police of the Netherlands on Jan. 17th, 2024. Ask us for screenshots.

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Screen Capturing videos of the submission of the following content to the Police of the Netherlands on Jan. 17, 2024 . click (dropbox link)

To the police of the Netherlands,

we are and We are China based. Actually, we are everywhere on Planet Earth. See details in the following links, the info is related to your department, even to your prime minister. . We recently got scammed by a Holland-based internet voice service company named

We top up Euro 10 ,and finally realized that they can't provide the internet telephone services to us, as what they claimed on their website. we can't make phone calls, can't send text with the service, even with Euro 10 in balance. And they refused to issue the refund.So we believe they intended to commit crimes against us. We respect the NL government, the NL police and the Dutch people, but we'd have to protect our legal rights in Holland. Here's the thing: today is Jan. 17th. ( Wed), and If we can't get our money back from this company by the end of this month, We will directly take Euro 1,000 from the bank accounts of a few randomly chosen Dutch citizens, and we will take military-grade actions to precisely strike the IT infrastructure of the government of the Neitherlands. wont' make big sound, though. and we will list the name: Mark Rutte on our website. And we will send at least 1 million emails to at least 0.5 milion companies, individuals and government agencies in Holland in a month. this is not a threat, because we don't threaten friends. This is a push, an advice , and a friendly reminder to NL police: JUST DO YOUR JOB, for the future of the Netherlands. Thank you for your understanding.

we upload all the info onto thanks. our paypal ID is: . our Alipay ID is our email is:

the voipbuster company's information:

VoipBuster's Credit Card payments will appear as DELLMONT on your bank or card statement.

Dellmont B.V.

PO Box 368

2130 AJ Hoofddorp

The Netherlands

Commercial Register of the Local Court: The Netherlands

Registered under number: 73623806

VAT registration number: NL820415182B01

the consumer( the buyer)'s email address:


we just called Alipay, and a few of alipay payment gateway operators. all of them confirmed all the Alipay transactions can be reversed.

We've used Alipay for over 20 years. if you can't operate, contact your alipay payment gateway operators, or send our money back with paypal. our paypal ID is We are and if we can't get our money back from either you, or the dutch government in 10 days, we will commence military strike on the dutch government IT system and more.

we hope you would understand the situation and the upcoming event. we've just sent several emails to ministry of commerce and ombudsman office of Holland. You've broken the dutch laws , FIRST. thank you for your cooperation.


the whole world knows how EU fought against " American IT Giants" to protect EU citizens. And now, as A chinese citizen, I don't think the EU government agencies wouldn't play fairly like before.


Voipbuster said, if we love skype, we must love voipbuster, because voipbuster founders are the makers of skype, and they sold skype to microsoft many years ago. on skype, with microsoft, any payment can be refunded. I paid you with alipay, ( chinese paypal), to buy your service, and I can't user your service with my payments, and I believe I have the rights to get my money back. it's not possible for you to not able to issue the refund. you bear the obligation to issue the refund. please refund in 3 days, or I'd have to contact the related authorities in Holland. the whole world knows how EU fought against " American IT Giants" to protect EU citizens. And now, as A chinese citizen, I don't think the EU government agencies wouldn't play fairly like before.


the problem is I can't, nobody can call chinese numbers, any chinese numbers with your service. and as a chinese, I am 100 percent sure any alipay payment can be refunded. it's chinese paypal. trusting you for a decade shouldn't be your client's fault.



Dear customer,

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately AliPay payments are non-refundable.

We forwarded the issue to our provider. Please let us know in case the problem still persists in a couple of weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.

Kind regards,

Customer Service



just top up Euro 10 5 minutes ago, noticed I can't make phone calls to china , no matter what. can't download and use the software for PC . I want to get my money back , and might try you again in the future. thanks