DDE Service Provider List

You can do business with us through the following DDE escrow service providers in your country, or through the Internet.


taobao.com, yahoo auctions, rakuten, and ebay.com are perfect examples of DDE applications. At taobao.com, for example, the Alibaba Inc. platform takes deposits from sellers. The seller loses much more if he tries to cheat the buyer. Today, there are at least several million users trading on this platform. If you don't do DDE as a seller, you have no future.

Another example is New Zealand. In the New Zealand administration, senior civil servants like Andrew Coster and Kris Faafoi dared to commit crimes, embezzle taxpayers' money, and cover up crimes simply because an unbiased DDE wasn't used in their work. They knew they had nothing to lose even if caught by the public with no guns, no fake media, no court trial abilities, nothing. In fact, they had nothing to lose, while the entire country, the public, hard working Kiwis and their families lost a lot because of their crimes. These government criminals could flee New Zealand with the money they scammed from the public to afford a luxurious life when they "retire". Our suggestion to the New Zealand public: get guns and shoot them before they disappear in New Zealand. This is the reason why both Kiwi taxpayers and AlienPuppyTenders hate "cooperation" and "employment" WITHOUT DDE.

Reference: https://slashdot.org/software/p/BitHalo/alternatives

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