Andrew Coster, the biggest New Zealander's tax dollars scammer in the history of New Zealand public security. During his terms, he has successfully made New Zealand one of the worst countries in the world, with extremely high crime rate both in the street and inside the New Zealand government. And the number is surging, still. His achievements include, but not limited to, cover-up crimes, malfeasance, accessory to crime, government dollars theft and scam, and "intentionally sleeping" in his office no matter what happened outside. New Zealand people is not only blind, but also brainless. Unbelievable. If there's only one thing this Universe could remember trillions of years later, it must be "New Zealand". Our question is if he can (he did) steal, scam and provide support to other dirty cops who committed kidnapping and robbery without any issues, then why can't Kiwi kids, gangs, homeless and jobless people ( do the same)? The most terrible thing is Andrew Coster is good at brainwashing the citizens with laws and warning of police actions in front of media, and he'd never brainwashed himself with the same ingredients.

A special $20,000 prize for retired police officers, veterans, African Americans, and Maori working as independent law enforcement officers. Don't forget to send bad guys like Andrew Coster to cell or hell WAS your job. We can deposit your money anywhere in the world, including Antarctica. That's your rightful earnings. Thanks for doing cleaning work for the New Zealand public and the next generation of Kiwis. What do the New Zealand government criminals have in common: They're delusional. They believe that 1. New Zealand is theirs, 2. your ass is theirs, and 3. they're bulletproof and impunity-free in New Zealand. Now they'd say, "No we're not, don't slender us." They wouldn't commit such a big crime if they didn't think that way. The people of New Zealand would appreciate what you did. New Zealanders may not dare to speak the way we do, but New Zealanders aren't the wood. The only reason Kiwis don't dare talk about LAW & JUSTICE is, "No professional gun, no professional training, and they don't think they could be victims of (collateral) damage from the next government crime."

Andrew Coster is delusional. He uses the nice life of the Kiwi public as a shield to continue to cover up crimes and scam Kiwi tax dollars. He still believes that all people are like him who can not achieve anything REAL on the way to upholding laws and justice. Andrew Coster is an actor, not a real cop. Much of what he has done has only served to deceive the public and the government. He would not fight real government crimes and gangs because they could really kill him and his family. What he showed the public was that he would do his best to fight the god even if he (the god) breaks laws. He fooled the public and cheated New Zealand taxpayers out of an extremely "good dirty salary" every year, a sum most Kiwi taxpayers can not even think about. You can find more information on the internet. This guy is a real criminal, a real police scum in the history of New Zealand.

Advanced and lethal weapons AlienPuppy global partners deployed in New Zealand could make all the NZ government criminals respect the law and the "people are equal" value, by making the government garbage (such as this guy) FEARFUL. Again, don't underestimate the evil side of the human trash, if you don't have guns.

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